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I love family days, the mountains, and new recipes!I On most days I have my hair up, flour on my glasses, and shoes my dog loves (they usually have splatters of frosting, cookie, dough and anything sweet)! I'm an avid baker classically trained pastry chef and a dessert first kinda gal. I'm always excited to see what ideas people will bring through the door, or what we can come up with together.

I love what I do, and my saying is "It's a pretty sweet job! I'm known for my one line laffy taffy jokes and if I could put raspberries and sprinkles on every dessert, I definately would! My favorite part of owning Sweets, is the reaction we get from our clients, friends on special order cakes, and the kids who gaze into our sweet case with those big smiles begging their moms for the cupcake with the most frosting or that special decorated cookie. I truely care about everything that goes through the door of sweets and believe every item should taste just as great as it looks!

Meet the team 

We are Sweets - a custom bakery catering weddings and events in the Front Range.

Born and raised in Wyoming, the ladies of Sweets hold wide open spaces and small town living close to their hearts. They are passionate about celebrating life and love with their customers on their most memorable days. 

From baking to branding, their attention to detail and love of beautiful things fuels the bright, sprinkle dusted, downtown business.