Born in a Barn | Downtown Laramie Wyoming

We provide delicious from scratch hamburger buns and scratch made buttermilk biscuits to Born in a barn right in the heart of Downtown Laramie! They have burgers, wings and beer that are perfect for any crowd! If you haven't tried it yet get over there and grad a bite you will be glad you did! Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or on their website!



Double Dubs Food Truck | Laramie + Wyoming Area 

We provide scratch made buttermilk biscuits + chocolate chip cookies for Double Dubs food truck in Laramie. If you haven't tried this guy's chicken wings and house made blue cheese you are missing out! Find him on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

H+S Coffee Roasters | Downtown Laramie 

H+S Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roaster in Downtown Laramie. We use H+S Coffee in our scratch made cakes and desserts (Ever had our chocolate or vanilla latte cake?! You have had H+S)! We also have a brand new Espresso machine coming soon so you can grab a cup hot fresh cup in our store! You can also check out their coffee at Night Heron or Big Hollow Co-Op in Laramie, grab a bottle of their Nitro Coffee at the Laramie Farmer's Market, or order from their website. We promise you won't be disappointed!